Emerging Communications Group, Inc. (“ECG”) is the preferred communication facilities maintenance provider for 35 East Wacker Drive and is the one point contact regarding all telecommunication needs. Please note, tenants must contact ECG or the Property Management Office to arrange access to the building’s telecommunications risers. ECG exclusively maintains the building risers to ensure that these risers are secure and properly maintained.


Emerging Communications Group, Inc. is available to design or consult on all business systems, including phone systems and computer interfacing, and will work with your service provider to assist with any additional voice and data lines you may need. Please contact Patrick Curtin at Emerging Communications Group, Inc. at (773) 340-3244, pcurtin@emergingcommgroup.com, or the Property Management Office if your company is interested in additional services.


Adding or Moving Data Circuits


  • The tenant calls the provider to request the circuit delivery date, the circuit numbers, and the customer order number.
  • The tenant calls ECG or the Property Management Office, or they submit a request via email to maurice.auriemma@nmrk.com to arrange a meeting with ECG and provide ECG with the suite number(s) and the information requested in step 1 to schedule the installation or movement of services.
  • The service provider or the tenant notifies ECG when the circuits have been delivered.
  • ECG schedules a technician to extend the circuits from the Network Point of Presence (NETPOP) to the termination blocks in the tenant’s suite.
  • ECG tests and labels the circuits for future identification.
  • The tenant is required to sign off on the work to accept the delivery and installation of services by ECG.
  • The Property Management Office will invoice the tenant for the installation.

If a tenant equipment vendor needs access to the telecommunications closet, please call the ECG or the Property Management Office 24 hours prior to the service call and tell them when you need access it to assure that the ECG technician will be at the tenant’s suite at the designated time.


Along with extending your circuits, ECG can also provide internal cabling, data network cabling, telephones, and telephone switches. Alternate union telecommunications contractors may be used by tenants for work within tenant premises. If you want to use an alternate telecommunications contractor, please submit their name, contact information, and certificate of insurance to the Property Management Office for pre-qualification. We will inform you in writing upon approval.


Service Disruptions


There are various factors that may result in service disruptions of your telecommunications services. Please refer to the checklist below to assist you in resolving telecommunications service disruptions:


  • Equipment problems: Please make sure that your equipment is properly plugged in, and all cable/wire connections are secure and appear to be in good working order. Unplug and replug any phone jacks, replace damaged cords, and then test the equipment again. If your machine appears to be in good condition, but you are still experiencing service disruptions, call your local telecommunications service provider for further assistance.
  • Service Provider: Problems may occur with your local service provider’s central office. Please call your local service provider to check for trouble on the lines. This troubleshooting can usually be done over the phone at no charge. If your local service provider does not detect an external problem on the line, the difficulty may be located in the building.
  • Building: Problems may occur in the building. Please call the Property Management Office to make arrangements for a PBS technician to check the lines for any internal problems. A charge may apply to restore service.


Telecommunications service providers:


The following communication companies are capable of offering a wide range of state-of-the-art services. These companies have equipment on site that enables them to provide services such as dial tone, long distance, fiber-optic communication, redundancy, and other special needs:

  • AT&T provides service via the building’s copper wire telephone riser system, although services are derived from both copper and fiber-optic cables entering the building. They also provide voice, fax, or data and Optical Carrier level services via fiber-optic service into the building.
  • Verizon provides tenants with voice, fax, or data and Optical Carrier level services via fiber-optic service into the building.
  • Comcast provides voice, fax, data, or cable television services via coaxial cable into the building.
  • Cogent Communications provides tenants with fiber optic internet services from 100 mb to 10 gb. Contact: Joe Bellina, jbellina@cogentco.com (312) 960-6918.