As we noted with our prior communication in August 2018, we plan to continue with our façade repair program this spring. While our priority remains public safety, our façade repair program has also focused on addressing the façade conditions on a long-term basis. Completing these repairs will minimize the need to access portions of the building for future inspections and repairs thus eliminating on-going disruptions. From 2012 through December 2018, repairs were completed at all elevations from the 26th floor to the 40th floor (dome), all elevations of the 24th floor cornice, the north portion of the west elevation from floors 1-23, the four (4) turrets on the 24th floor and most recently a portion of the south and west elevations from floors 1-23. The following provides an overview of our façade repair program in 2019/20:



Our next phase includes replacement of approximately 3,000 terra cotta units, steel repairs/replacement and painting of the platforms on the south elevation from floors 1-23. In addition to the entire south elevation, the work will include approximately 80’ at the south end of west elevation and 30’ at the south end of the east elevation. As the volume and scope is significant, this phase of the project will be completed over two years (2019 & 2020). Our focus in 2019 will include both the east and west elevation portions of this work and approximately 30’ at the east and west corners of the south elevation. The 2019 portion of this work will continue through mid-November. The remaining 90’ at the center of the south elevation will be completed in 2020 with work commencing in the spring of 2020. As we have with prior phases, all demolition is completed prior to 8 a.m. and any repairs/installations will continue through 11 a.m. Monday through Friday. Material deliveries and removal of debris is coordinated after business hours and weekends.


We are pleased to inform you that following completion of the south elevation, only one final phase remains that will include floors 1-23 at the north and balance of the east elevation. We completed the survey for this work in 2017 and material contracts have been awarded. We anticipate scheduling these repairs in 2021 or 2022.