Everything East Wacker

35 East Wacker—a.k.a. The Jewelers Building—is Chicago through and through. Once the tallest building west of New York City, it continues to impress with its “wedding cake” design and dome roof. A multi-million dollar renovation was completed on the 40-story landmark. With its modernized infrastructure and meticulously restored lobby and elevator cabs, 35 East Wacker preserves the design of the past while delivering contemporary functionality. To inquire about leasing, or talk to building management, contact us today.

Building Facts

Year Built



Giaver & Dinkelberg

Number of Floors

40 floors with approximately 550,000 square feet of rentable space.

Typical Floor Areas

Approximate square feet of rentable space per floor: 22,000 rsf from floors 2-24; 5,000 rsf from floors 26-35; and 2,500 rsf from floors 37-40.

Number of Elevators

10 high-speed passenger elevator cars (four low rise, four mid rise and two high rise), 1 original passenger elevator servicing floors 36-40, 1 freight elevator serving the lower level to the 24th floor, and 1 service elevator serving the basement and sub-basement level garage.

Number of Stairwells

Four (from floors 1-24), Two (from floors 26-40)

Utility Company

Commonwealth Edison

Design Wattage/SqFt

Eight watts per square foot.

Freight Elevator Dimensions

Height: 96 inches at center

Door opening: 44 inches wide

Length x Width: 70 inches x 91 inches

Freight Elevator Load

3,000 pounds

Floor Loading Live Load

50 pounds per square foot

Floor Loading Dead Load

20 pounds per square foot