35 East Wacker Drive is accessible after hours through the use of an electronic security system. Proximity card readers are located at the main building entrance and in all elevators. After hours, building key fobs are required to access the main entrance and elevators at the proximity card reader locations. Building key fobs are available to tenants as follows:


New Employees


For new employees, please have an authorized tenant contact complete a request via Workspeed.  Upon receipt of the work order request, the new key fob will be processed and can be retrived at the lobby security desk the following business day.


Key Fob Replacement, Reassignment, and Returns


Please complete a request via Workspeed for a key fob that is lost, damaged, or defective.  A replacement can be retrieved at the lobby security desk the next business day.


There will be a charge for new, lost or damaged key fob which will appear on your company’s monthly statement.


In the event that an employee leaves voluntarily or is terminated, please have an authorized tenant contact place a deactivation request via Workspeed.  Please indicate the name of the employee and the key fob number so that the card can be disabled as soon as possible. Tenants may re-assign key fobs to other employees by simply providing the name of the employee and key fob number that will be assigned to the employee via a Workspeed request. We request that key fobs are returned in the event a tenant moves out of the building.